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Fiat tyre Camper (EG/CS001) 1999 online

Please select from the following list your Fiat Camper (EG/CS001) 1999.
Then you can buy the discount tyres compatible with your Fiat Camper (EG/CS001) 1999.

Engine type ▾ Year HP Fuel
CS494 1999- 90hp Diesel
CS494, CSS494 2002- 84hp Diesel
CS494, CSS494 2000- 128hp Diesel
CS524, CSS524, CS544, CSS544, CS594 2001- 128hp Diesel
CS544K 1999- 90hp Diesel
CS544K 1999- 122hp Diesel
CS544K, CS554 2000- 90hp Diesel
CS544K, CSS554K 2001- 90hp Diesel
TS/TSS 654 2000- 90hp Diesel
Sizes are given for guidance only. We advise you to check the tyre sizes directly on your Fiat Camper (EG/CS001) 1999